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V 19.18

ROUK FF is the developer of this application.
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06 July 2023
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V 19.18
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Play online games an instance, Garena Free Fire is good for making fun in the busy life. Indeed, the FF game contains millions of followers and the tournaments are competitive to play. Without any tricks and shortcuts the FF game isn’t easy to win. So, using the shortcut to reach the final points means that, installing Rouk FF Auto Headshot APK will permit you to use all the premium sources of Free Fire. This is a unique Android app that brings a lot of premium assets to its users.

In addition, players use this application to hold all the arena and tide grips to beat the enemies. If you want to play the FF tournaments in your style and locate for piquant injector then use Rouk FF Auto headshot it will fulfill all the criteria and upgrade your game in seconds. Alternatively, you can use Stpremy Injector APK to upgrade your skills like this application. Once, if your start using this injector then the modern weapons, aim precision, fast reload, and other items will be in your hand.

Furthermore, with the help of these features, you can easily set your different Aims to become a winner in FF arenas. If a beginner start playing with Rouk FF Auto headshot New then it will uplift the rank and make them a pro player. Due to fewer resources, every player cannot gain a variable space in the battleground, hence we introduce this New APK to add all the premium assets to the account free of cost. So install this app and make your position strong to fight opponents.

Additionally, without spending a single dime you can use all new workable skills, for instance, setting sensitivity, with guns automatically, Esps, and many other sharp items. In this version, many wonderful features you will see and all are free to use. The option of cache clear, minimizing programs, and more helpful features are amended and in lay terms, all are in the user’s use.

What is Rouk FF Auto Headshot VIP?

It is a lightweight Android application and the Rouk FF is the developer of this application. Moreover, the purpose of making this app is easy and free access to the premium features of the Garena Free Fire game. Most players use this app to add gaming stuff and play tricks to their accounts. This is a third-party app but not banned. Regedit Rouk ff APK cannot be found in the play store but on this platform, you can easily free download this application with proper guidelines.

Correspondingly, we offer Rouk FF Auto headshot Injector APK because it cannot create a banned issue and through this, you can early on get winning points. Certainly, it offers an accurate AIM Headshot without any errors. As well as you cannot face errors and other negative points after using this APK. So, magnify for your FF game and skip old sluggish tools nullify weaknesses, and attack on your opponents by using Rouk Injector.

Arranging perfect tools is compulsory for winning a hard tournament and do not waste your time, just click and get this lucrative tool named Rouk FF Auto Headshot Injector for your Android. Probably, the followers of GFF are using different types of injectors and waiting to beat opponents. If you appear in the game without any safety then you cannot stand in front of your enemies. Henceforth, set your back up and play the game like a master’s.

Rouk FF Auto Headshot Features:

In this addition, there are many new features are added to make the game more piquant. If you open the apps features section then you will use all shocking latest features. By using these, you can upgrade your game in a short time and your position wills auto-rise.

DPI Changer:

By using this feature you can use DPI from 360 DPI to 1490 DPI. Especially you can improve your gaming performance. All the DPI settings are easy to change and with the help of a mouse, you can set your DPI system.

Auto Headshot:

This is a great feature of Rouk FF Auto headshot Free Fire APK. It will double the fun during the fighting. If the opponents are not visible or you haven’t time during playing, just use this feature and auto-target the enemy’s head.

FOV Option:

In this section, there are four options that you can use. The options are FOV 30 to FOV 120.

Weapons Marco:

You can cover almost nine weapons/guns of all varieties. Each weapon carries a sensitivity level and from zero to max you can set the levels as your need.

Accurate and Anti-lag:

Users can not face crashes during shooting. In the meantime, minimizes option is useable. Select a new RAM from 2 and up to 12. These features help you to fastest the programming in your game.


You can use up to five options in this feature. E.g. Zoom 4x, Zoom 2x, General, Red dot, AWM Scope. Through these, you can better run your gameplay.


There are eleven ranges in your use, 999x and up to 19999x.

Additional Features of Rouk FF Auto Headshot :

  • Aim fix
  • 25% speed cursor
  • Dark background
  • Clear cache
  • Cursor lagging is fixable
  • New filters
  • Damage indicator
  • Fire button
  • Vehicle control button
  • Hit marker
  • Fast Reload
  • Accurate FPS
  • Switch the guns auto

Other Features:

  • Easy to handle
  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • No need for any passcode
  • Free to download
  • No registration is required
  • Support Android
  • No need to root the device
  • Safe & secure
  • Anti-ban

How to install Rouk FF Auto Headshot latest version?

  1. To install this APK, your first step is to click the download button provided on this website.
  2. If you have an old version injector then delete them and check the free space to load this new app.
  3. After that, tap on the install button.
  4. Go to phone settings and allow the unknown sources.
  5. Max 9 sec the app will be downloaded.
  6. Then open the device app manager and locate the Rouck FF Injector icon and tap on it.
  7. The app will be 100% ready for your use
  8. Lastly, open the Free Fire game on the same device and apply the features.
  9. Finally, enjoy the game with the latest version of the injector tool.

To Sum Up:

The Rouk FF Auto headshot Injector APK is the latest version and offers all the new features at zero prices. This is newly arrived in the market and read the updated FF game and uplifts the user rank in a simple way. Every player wants to use all the premium features of FF without investing a single penny or dollar or another physical effort. For this purpose, the developer made this and we introduce this APK to solve the problems of purchasing expensive items and boost playing skills.

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