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V 5.1

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22 September 2023
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V 5.1
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The MLBB is a famous online MOBA game and spreading day by day all over the world. Moreover, its unique graphics attract more people, and a huge number of players play MLBB for many hours a day. But it is a fact; the game contains premium features that are very expensive for purchasing. So, do not worry about this problem and install XyneriC Modz ML APK and use all the premium stuff for zero cost.

If you are locating for a great ML tool like Shailesh Thebar Mod (Latest Version) APK Download for Android which can help you to boost your skills and make you a master of MLBB. Then try this application and upgrade your game without investing real money or other efforts. It will offer a lot of features like Ml skins, Emotes, Effects, Music, and many others.

As a matter of fact, this application is known as a third-party app but not a banned one. Million of its users are witnessed its safety. So, do not worry about banned issues just click the download button and get this piquant injector for your game. Indeed, it is free to download and easy to use. Moreover, due to its programming, its internal space is a round figure of 137 Mb, and your Android can easily run this.

What is XyneriC Modz ML APK?

A small-sized Android application with contains dozens of free features. More illustration of this APK is, its main work is to grant permits for its users to open all the locked features of MLBB without investing real money in-game points. In addition, it can teach like a master and upgrade a level of beginner and make them unbeatable players.

Furthermore, it cannot create problems during playing. As revealed, it fast replies when you inject a feature or other option. Certainly, it will fulfill all the needs of playing and saving your device till the end of the game.  Correspondingly, the developers set the internal working programs of this APK to help the users with 100% safety.

If you play the game with this tool then you will realize it can swoop on the enemies and make easy the arena for you. Perhaps you will not lose any game when you set up your account with this injector tool. So, do not waste this occasion and get  Xyneric Modz ML from this website and nullify the weaknesses.


Pair of screenshots are taken during playing. Both are taken from the original video of this application so, check and improve your playing skills and get more info about graphics.


Features of XyneriC Modz ML APK VIP:

There are a large number of features that are useable in this application. Check all of these because every option is compulsory for winning a tournament. So, see the below line for detail of every Xyneric Modz feature.

ML Skins:

More than 100 skins are in use select your fav to modify your heroes. There are free ml skins for available for every avatar, e.g.

  •  Fighter
  •  Assassin
  •  Tank
  •  Mage
  •  Marksman
  •  Support

 Every character will be more powerful and looks great after applying the skins.

Painted Skins:

Various painted skins are useable in this version. Every option contains a good graphic.

  • Estes
  • Hayabusa
  • Gusion
  • Hylos
  • Aldous
  • Alice
  • And more than 20 are in use.

SFX Meme:

In this portion then are 10 options are in use so pick and enjoy.

  • Masha
  • Akai
  • Dyrroth
  • Franco
  • Yin
  • Etc.

Custom Analog:

You can easily unlock more than 40 customs analog.

Custom Emote:

In this section, you can use 100+ emotes. All are free to use.

Customize skin:

We hope the customized anime skins are coming soon as possible.

Upgrade skins for heroes:

  • Gusion
  • Valir
  • Zilong

Effect MLBB:

  • You can use
  • Recall effect
  • Auto ling
  • Spawn effect
  • Auto retrel
  • And also Elimination effect


Play the background music and enjoy playing. Now you can use lobby music during play.

Intro Loading:

Esports intro and tiktok are in use.

What’s new in the latest version of New XyneriC Modz ML APK?

Upcoming recall effects:

Saint Seiya and the black void

New skins upcoming:

  • All Gusion revamp
  • Valir- Phoenix Ikki
  • Badang- Pegasus seiya
  • Valir- Leo likki

Upgrade hero skin:

  • Gusion
  • Valir
  • Zilong

How to download this application:

Free Download XyneriC Modz ML APK from this platform. The procedure is very simple just follow the steps mentioned below lines.

  1. Firstly, click the download button provided on the website.
  2. Open the phone’s settings and allow the unknown sources.
  3. Tap and install the application.
  4. If the installation will complete open the file manager and select the injectors icon.
  5. Aso, open the FF game on the same device.
  6. Finally, it will be open for ready-to-use so enjoy.

How to install this use this application:

So simple, the developer of XyneriC Modz ML APK latest version and YouTubers make a video during playing the game by injecting this application. All the info about download, use, and inject features are available and everyone can easily use this APK after checking the video. Hence, visit youtube and play the video named Xyneric Injector videos.

To Sum Up:

Get XyneriC Modz ML APK and play the game using full sources. This application work works fast in Android and it has no ban issues. So, install this application and play the game like a master of Fre Fire. Lastly, we hope this APK is enough for your FF game.

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